Moisturisers, do they work?

Yes. It's about the only thing that does!! And moisturisers for dry and sensitive skin are very important for skin health!!! A good moisturiser will make a big difference to the look and feel of your skin. It will reduce or eliminate dryness, and soothe any itchiness. It will soften your skin too. Used regularly they really make a difference! We offer the right products for those with dry and sensitive skin. We avoid using harsh ingredients, and our products offer a long lasting result due to their richness and careful formulation.

Anti ageing - can you turn back the clock?

Unfortunately not! Einstein was quite clear - and so far he has the last word! However by adopting a simple and effective skin care regime you can improve your skin condition and with this help slow the process. Our products are designed with this in mind - and work really well! As part of this there are TWO key "rules" - use a moisturiser always, and a sun screen when outside. These simple rules appply however old you are, and what ever your sex or ethnicity.

Perfumed creams irritate my skin. How will I know if the Extra Ordinary range will be safe for me to use?

This is almost certainly due to "essential oils". Some of these fragrance elements trigger allergic reactions. We have carefully chosen a light low allergen natural fragrance for the Extra Ordinary Day Creams and Night Cream. A small amount of cream rubbed into a test patch of skin will tell you if you can use it safely. We have carefully selected fragrances the sensitive can tolerate. However, if any rash or irritation appears, then you would be better off using our Plain Ordinary Moisturising Balm - which has NO fragrance.

What is the Plain Ordinary Moisturising Balm?

This moisturizing balm has extraordinary hydrating properties. It contains only natural waxes and butters. Because there are no water based ingredients it does not need preservatives, or emulsifiers. We have not added any fragrance or essential oils either. The balm quickly sinks into the skin leaving a smooth silky non greasy feel. Like all our products it is very efficient and a little goes a long way.

What are the ingredients in the Plain Ordinary Moisturising Balm?

It is made from olive wax, grape seed oil and sunflower oil extract mixed with pure beeswax. It is hypoallergenic and designed for the most sensitive among us.

Is the Extra Ordinary Day cream with SPF water resistant?

No, it is formulated to use as a daily moisturizer. The cream sinks into the skin, leaving no sticky or greasy film, and our test panels report that the effect is long lasting.

When I use the Extra Ordinary Day cream with SPF sometimes I think it gets into my eyes.

You may be applying too much cream. Like all our products, a little goes a long way. One of the best ways to get good sun protection and to minimize the SPF ingredients is to use a "spreader". We include one in our ingredients, and this makes sure the cream spreads easily over the skin, to cover it properly, without pulling and stretching the delicate skin. It is not harmful, but it is best to avoid the eye area.

I have eczema and very dry skin. Is this range safe for me to use?

Our Ordinary Skincare range was developed with dry and sensitive skin in mind. We identified a need for an excellent moisturizing emollient cream that was safe and did not contain active ingredients that may irritate the skin. We have tested the range on all sorts of skins types, with great results. Our products are safe to use in eczema and psoriasis. Many of our testers reported that their skin feel soothed with use.

I am outdoors a lot. Would the Day Cream with SPF be a sensible choice?

Yes, absolutely. The sun protection of Extra Ordinary Day Cream with SPF30 is a good choice. Apply it frequently when outdoors. And skin exposed to the sun and cold of the outdoors requires exceptional hydration to keep it healthy and reduce premature ageing, so topping up at night with our Extra Ordinary Night Cream with added shea butter, mango butter and avocado oil would be good too. Many sports men and women swear by our sun cream - as it doesn't run, moisturises as well - and just works!!

I have mature skin, but although it is dry, I find greasy formulations can give me pimples.

Our Ordinary Skincare Co skin care range is perfect for older skins. It is deeply moisturizing without greasiness, will plump out fine lines without any fuss or exotic ingredients. It is not sensitizing and contains anti-oxidants to aid skin healing, slow down ageing, maintain elasticity and hydrate your skin. You could even use the Plain Ordinary Moisturising Balm because it sinks into the skin, and despite seeming initially greasy, it is not at all. It leaves the skin feeling silky and soft.

Have your creams been properly tested?

We have a large test panel, and have been testing our products for two years. The formulas have been tested on the demanding South African market for many more years. We have never, and will never test any of our products on animals. And we ensure that none of our ingredients are animal tested either.

I have arthritis of my hands and I need to be able to open any containers easily.

Our airless pump action containers are easy to use, you simply take off the cap and press the top down. It will dispense the exact amount you need in one movement.

Are your containers recyclable?

Yes all our containers are completely recyclable in keeping with our philosophy of maximum benefit and minimum impact, either on the skin or the environment!

Why are airless pumps better than ordinary dispensers?

We have carefully sourced our award winning airless containers. First of all they are easy to use, and hygienic. There is no contamination from the outside, so it helps keep the product fresh and clean. This means that the product is protected from light and air, which may cause the product to be oxidized or denatured. The pump easily dispenses the right amount, so there is no mess and no waste. It also dispenses down to very last drop, so you do not have to scrape and bang out the last bit of the cream.

I can't get my Extra Ordinary Night Cream to dispense anything. What is wrong?

Oops. Occasionally the pump of the container needs to be primed. All that has happened is that the cream needs some vacuum to get going. Simply block the opening with your finger after pushing down, gently pull the pump top up. Remove finger, and repeat. The vacuum will quickly pull the cream up ready to go. If you have any difficulties please let us know.

Is it important that I only use organic or natural products on my skin? I find the different terminologies confusing.

It is confusing to us too. Most manufacturers do try to produce the best product for sale but sometimes the terminology can be misleading. "Natural" refers to the ingredient being extracted from a natural or non-synthetic substance. "Synthetic" refers to a substance that is produced by a man made process. It is a myth that all synthetic products are bad. They can be invaluable to the make the product safe and effective. Indeed some natural substances can be very bad for you, like arsenic. Arsenic was used in olden days to whiten the skin, with dire results sometimes! "Organic" can mean many things, but mostly it is used to describe an ingredient produced using a minimum of artificial additives. We think a safe and effective product should have a minimum of ingredients, each one with a specific role, and a rigorous safety and efficacy profile. We have sourced and chosen choose the best ingredients we can, to do the best job possible.

Are the products manufactured to any standards?

The products are manufactured in a modern new factory in Cape Town, to the highest pharmaceutical standards.

Why are you called the Ordinary Skincare Co? I don't want ordinary skin are.

We think our products are extraordinary because we believe in simple plain ordinary skin care. The skin is our biggest body organ, and exotic and expensive ingredients are not necessary to provide excellent skin care. We do not believe in unnecessary and often unsubstantiated marketing hype. Nature made our skin fit for purpose. We believe that natural basic high quality cream works to protect and safeguard our hardworking skin.

Do you need special anti ageing ingredients?

We believe that moisturizing the skin is an efficient way to keep it healthy. We do use plant waxes and oils, and beeswax, and lanolin, all ingredients that have been used by people for thousands of years. Our products are designed for sensitive skins, and every additional protein or essential oil can introduce the potential for sensitivity to develop.

Can men use your products?

Anyone can use our products. Men are increasingly realising the benefit of looking after their skin. We are soon going to launch a male range of products specifically to address the needs of shaving. Our product testers have included lots of men. We have found that 60% of the men reported that they liked the Night Cream best, especially after shaving!

Are your products safe for children?

Yes, our products are safe for everyone. Our Plain Ordinary Moisturising Balm is a wonderful natural nappy cream.

Who should use the Ordinary Skincare Co products?

Here is a list of skin types we have specifically tested: Mature skin Sun damaged skin Adolescent skin Baby Nappy rash Eczema and Psoriasis Fine lines & wrinkles Shaving rashes

How do you suggest I use your skin care range?

Everyday use of our Ordinary Skin Care products is highly recommended. Apply the Day cream every morning and the Night cream at night before retiring. If you are outdoors a lot, use the Day Cream with SPF daily. You can also use the SPF cream frequently during the day, if you choose. The Plain Ordinary Balm will provide extra hydration, and can be used all over the body, from the head to the heels. Some people with super sensitive skin may find that using the balm day and night is best. That is certainly easy!

Are you introducing any other products?

Yes, we are ready to launch a lip balm. We have completed testing on a facial cleanser, a mild facial exfoliator, and a foot scub and balm. And we have a fabulous eye gel waiting for some extraordinary packaging. We are busy testing a hypo allergenic sun screen, which is looking very exciting. And more products are in the pipeline. We are conscious of keeping it simple, honest and as plain as possible to deliver extraordinary results to our customers, who are exceptional people.

What is the extra cost of buying on the internet?

There is no extra cost if delivery is to South Africa/United Kingdom, as delivery is free. For other regions there is a small charge - if your contry is not listed just contact us for details!

What happens if the product is damaged on delivery?

UK: Call the helpline number or send an email ad we will arrange for return and replacement. South Africa: Call the number on the waybill or send an email to us and we will arrange a return and replacement. We would be grateful for any information about the damage, so we can take steps to prevent it recurring.

What happens if the product does not arrive at the right address?

You will receive an email with a confirmation of dispatch, and you will be able to track the delivery. If you do not receive it, please contact us by telephone or email, and we will make sure the right product gets to the right place as soon as possible.

What if I don't like the product?

We will supply our great "crack pack" samples to you free of charge except for a small postage fee. These are easy to use sachets, with no tearing and teeth gnashing frustration or mess. Simply break them in half with one hand, and the cream will be easy to dispense from the middle of the package. Simply fill in the information in the shopping basket of the website, pay the small postage fee and you will receive a free sample of each product. We will also pop in a sample crack pack into each order, if you want.

Is my information private and confidential?

We adhere strictly to confidentiality protocols, and will never sell or disseminate your details to anyone.

Why do you support three charities?

We believe business must make a contribution to society. We support three charities, and our customers choose which ones to support when they buy our products. We think they are three great charities, and all deserve our support. The more people who choose our products, the more we will give these worthy causes. We will keep you posted when we make donations, via our website, and of course Facebook, and our Blog too.

Where do I return products if I need to?

There is an address on the delivery note for our service delivery partner, Adstral. Their address is: Adstral Fulfillment, Hargreaves Road, Groundwell, Swindon, SN25 5AZ. Please also complete the form on our site to let us know what you are returning and why, and we will be in touch.

I'm not sure how to open the samples?

The samples have a flexible side with our logo and product details on, and a harder side with the instructions on. - Hold the sample with harder side uppermost, and - Gently bend the ends downward. - You'll see a crack appear in the harder side. - Squeeze the product out that you need! (If you straighten the sample out it will reseal well enough to use again - as long as you don't crush it!!)

The payment system isn't working....?

If you cannot get through to the payment screens, it may be that you need to clear your cache. Microsoft: This can be achieved by opening your browser, and pressing F5 a couple of times. Apple: Safari menu bar click Safari > Preferences then select the Advanced tab. Select: Show Develop menu in menu bar. Now from the menu bar click Develop > Empty Caches If you have further troubles, let me know! enquiries@ordinaryskincare.com (Can you let me know the browser you are using if you still have problems?)

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